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Contact thermography

The know-how of the Braster Company is based on the unique method of using liquid crystals in the early diagnosis of breast cancer invented by the BRASTER scientific team. Research work carried out by the BRASTER scientific team on liquid crystals allowed us to use them to record and visualize thermal changes taking place in the human body caused by, among others by creating malignant tumors. This solution is called liquid crystal contact thermography.

ciekłe kryształy Braster

Contact thermography is a method that allows functional imaging of organ function. The basis of this method is the dermothermic effect, which consists in depicting on the skin surface changes occurring during the formation of new, pathological blood vessels (neoangiogenesis process). This process involves a local increase in temperature around the lesion focus, which manifests itself on the surface of the breast skin and is recorded by liquid crystal matrices in the form of colored images.

ciekłe kryształy Braster

Liquid crystal displays are made by CLCF (continuous liquid crystal film), which is implemented in accordance with the unique, patented by BRASTER technology encapsulation of liquid crystal compounds, characterized by selective reflection of light through dispersion in the film-forming material. These compounds can selectively reflect light depending on the temperature, which in turn is recorded on the surface of the breast examined as a thermal marker for neoplastic lesions, and the matrices used in the Braster device provide colorful imaging of the temperature distribution in the breast. The matrix is ​​understood as a thermoactive film permanently attached to the matrix frame. The thermoactive film consists of several layers of foils, among which a liquid crystal layer is placed. The liquid crystal layer is the main layer responsible for the generation of thermograms. Each of the three matrixes attached to the Braster has the same geometry, the only difference between them is the thermal sensitivity of the thermoactive film.

The Braster team has developed artificial intelligence algorithms that verify the thermographic images based on two independent methods, the correlation of which increases the effectiveness of the examination and the probability of detecting pathological changes in the breast. These algorithms are based on the detection of thermal and structural asymmetries that can be strongly associated with the occurrence of breast cancer. They have been developed on the basis of observational studies conducted so far and are still being improved on the basis of new studies, on larger groups of patients in order to improve the sensitivity and specificity of the method.

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