BRASTER®PRO is a medical device supporting early diagnosis of breast cancer in a doctor's office. The examination is performed by trained medical personnel, and its functioning is facilitated by a simple and convenient mobile application.

BRASTER®PRO uses the technology of liquid crystal contact thermography, the effectiveness of which was confirmed in observational studies. On the basis of thermographic images, the automated interpretation algorithms (AI) indicate potentially dangerous changes and abnormalities in the breasts.

BRASTER®PRO is a telemedicine solution supported by patented technology.

The Braster Care mobile app for smartphones and tablets connects wirelessly to the device, providing intuitive instructions throughout the entire examination and sending the data to the Braster Telemedical Center for analysis. The app is available for smartphones or tablets with Android and iOS (except for Samsung Galaxy J3 (6) and LG-E610) and Samsung A8 (A530F).

BRASTER®PRO is complementary to standard diagnostic and screening methods such as ultrasound or mammography.

It should be noted that combining various types of examination increases the chance of detecting alarming changes at an early stage of the disease, which may allow for less invasive treatment and enhance the probability of a complete recovery.

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