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Our mission and values

Our mission is to create a healthier world. We want to achieve this by reaching women around the world and providing them with the opportunity to perform a non-invasive, inexpensive and reliable breast examination. Our device is available for home use as well as for professional use. It is an innovative method of prophylactic breast examination which complements standard ultrasound and mammography scans.

BRASTER S.A. is fighting for a future in which all women will be able to take care of their breast health. We believe that systematic prophylaxis is the key to a healthy and long life.

We are aware of the alarming statistics on breast cancer – a disease of affluence which is reaching epidemic proportions. We know that it is the most common malignant tumor in women. It may develop between regular ultrasound or mammography examinations. Moreover, it increasingly often affects young women under 50 who are not at high risk and are not covered by prophylactic screening programs. In these women the disease is more invasive and lesions develop much faster.

In response to the real need for contemporary breast cancer prophylaxis, we created Braster System for home use and Braster Pro for professional use. In both, contact thermography and telemedicine are used in a breakthrough way, allowing for detection of suspicious changes in breasts at home as well as in professional outpatient clinics. This is an additional method supporting the primary breast cancer prophylaxes, and it does not emit radiation and is safe and painless.

We have pursued our mission incessantly since the foundation of the company in 2007.

Our efforts to create Braster have often been recognized. We are very grateful for all the awards:

  • 2017 - First place in the Listed Company of the Year 2017 ranking in the category of "Product and Service Innovation"

  • 2017 - Inspiration and Innovation 2017 Award at the High Tech Congress in Eindhoven

  • 2016 - Title of Market Innovation Leader from the Gazeta Prawna Daily

  • 2012 - Golden Laurel of Innovation from the Main Technical Organization

  • 2012 - Distinction in the Polish Product of the Future competition organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)

Company history

Our history dates back to 2007,
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