Henryk Jaremek, PhD, Eng President of the Management Board of BRASTER S.A.

An outstanding chemist specializing in industrial production of macromolecular polymers. He has worked for many years as an assistant professor at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. He was also responsible for research and development projects at the Ministry of National Defence and the Army HQ. He is a member of the management board of various limited companies (including an innovation and implementation company called PoliCryst at the Institute of Nuclear Research in Świerk and Grehen Sp. z o.o.). The leader of numerous industrial research projects (among other things, on heat-resistant polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams for technical applications) co-financed by European grants (including at Eurico and HIT Konsulting Sp. z o.o.).

He is the author of numerous publications and implementations involving advanced chemical technologies, including liquid-crystal polymers based on chiral nematic compounds (including the world’s unique method of microlayer encapsulation of a sandwich structure containing thermotropic mesophase).

The author of medical and cosmetological tests using thermotropic liquid crystals (including liquid-crystal temperature indicators) and co-author of thermographic tests (CelluliTest™ and SkinTest™ for AVON).

Henryk Jaremek graduated as an engineer from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Military University of Technology in 1975. He obtained a PhD degree in materials science from the Faculty of Chemistry and Theoretical Physics at the Military University of Technology in 1989. His doctoral advisor was Professor Józef Żmija, PhD, Eng.

He has worked for BRASTER S.A. since the establishment of the company. He is the main technologist responsible for research and preparing technological and technical documentation, as well as organization and supervision of production of the Braster device. He is the co-author of all patents and know-how used and owned by the Company.

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